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Divorce Mediation Orlando

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediator Orlando services are an alternative to divorce court services. A mediator works with the divorcing couple as a neutral negotiator. They are specially trained in areas of divorce and conflict resolution. The main objective of family mediation for divorce is to avoid high conflict and continued fees. You can reach an agreement outside of court.

What are the benefits to using family mediation for divorce? Not only do you save time, but you gain negotiation skills. Your mediator will help you reach an agreement on all the important matters. You will settle disputes without conflict by using family mediation for divorce.

Divorce Mediator Orlando
Why Choose Mediation?

  • First consultation is a free
  • Confidential divorce mediation
  • Specialized training in resolving divorce issues
  • Virtual communication available
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator
  • Compliance with Florida's specific guidelines
  • No judge or lawyers deciding what you will do in your family or future
  • Communication is not limited to in-office

It is difficult to know where to start in the process of divorce. Often couples decide to divorce, but remain married for months, even years, just because they are afraid of what divorce looks like.

Divorce Mediator Orlando
Professional Divorce Help

Divorce Mediation

A divorce begins with a lot of unanswered questions. Navigating the legal system is daunting. When you decide to use family mediation for divorce you are hiring a neutral person. Someone that is not emotionally or financially driven to take sides. These facts alone help couples reach agreements faster. The pressure to "win" is lesser. The goal becomes to "agree" and leave the marriage with better opportunities.

When parties can leave a marriage after a divorce in a better way, they have less trauma. When a divorce involves high-conflict, costly litigation, and court decisions, the emotional impact can be devastating. Finding ways to resolve your divorce as amicably as possible can allow for you to move on in a better way. Your children and family can prosper despite divorce.

There is a way to do divorce better. You can choose a conflict-free divorce with mediation. The benefits are enormous and long-lasting.

Giving people who are facing divorce the best possible outcome is my goal. I work collaboratively with each party to ensure that a mutual agreement is reached. I charge a flat fee for your divorce, including help with your parenting plan. Divorce mediator Orlando services offer professional divorce help fast. Call (407) 274-9861 me today to arrange an appointment and discuss your case.

Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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