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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation in Orlando is a type of conflict resolution service for couples facing divorce or separation. Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining. People are often overwhelmed by the steps they need to take when they make the decision to end their marriage. Knowing what type of divorce help is available and where to look is the first step to take.

Every state has their own divorce laws and guidelines for how to file for divorce. Family law attorneys specialize in those divorce laws and people often retain their services to protect themselves during a divorce. Family mediators are also an option for divorce cases and can be used outside of court, with or without attorneys, to help you resolve your case through divorce mediation.

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Divorce Issues

Divorce mediation in Orlando allows for each person to negotiate terms or settle conflict without interference of the court. This gives the parties a chance to negotiate their own divorce terms. Part of divorce mediation is ensuring that everyone feels heard and the settlement agreement reached is mutually satisfying. Divorce mediation in Orlando is a valuable option to litigation because it puts the outcome of the divorce back into the hands of the parties involved.

A divorce mediator in Orlando who has a mental health background usually has the advanced training to deal with high emotions. They have been required to be in therapy practice for years before they could take the Family mediation course and meet certain standards of certification. You should expect them to be skilled in the art of negotiation, conflict resolution, communication skills, and maintaining order and structure during your mediation.

Divorce Topics to Discuss

It is helpful to know the main topics you wish to settle before your mediation. If you aren't sure, take time before your appointment to think of what you really want. You have to consider your future. If you have children together, your mediator can also assist you in development of a parenting plan that is specific to your family. It will depend on your divorce mediator in Orlando to schedule your mediation based on your unique circumstances. You may not resolve everything in one sitting. You may have to take information home and meet again to finalize the terms of your settlement.

Mediation is a divorce process with a very specific goal of reaching a mutual agreement and avoiding costly litigation. Deciding to use a divorce mediator in Orlando is a process that could dramatically change how you get divorced. Research indicates that divorce mediation resolves more divorces peacefully. It has proven to be better than litigation, saving time and money, and causing less emotional damage than a litigated divorce.

Finding the Right Mediator

Generally, divorce mediation is a quick process and can be done in a half or full day process. It all depends on who is involved and how many issues there are to discuss. A skilled divorce mediator will lead the mediation in a productive, useful way, and allow everyone to voice their needs and wants. This process is very helpful at settling disputes.

Be aware that you can still hire an attorney to represent you and you should consult with one before you finalize your divorce. Your mediator will not be able to advise you on legal matters. Even a mediator that is an attorney can not give you legal advice. Your mediator is there to be a neutral facilitator, but can provide valuable feedback and utilize negotiation skills for family mediation that will help you reach a settlement quickly. The mediator has training in equitable distribution laws, child support guidelines, time-sharing schedules, alimony laws, and vital divorce and family law guidelines.

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Mediator Qualifications

Different mediators have different backgrounds. All family mediators are required to receive and attend the same specialized training which gives them the qualifications needed for divorce mediation to be effective. All divorce mediators in Orlando have either a law background or a mental health background. They all complete observation hours and participate in the mediation process prior to being certified. In addition to this, all mediators must complete on-going continuing education to maintain their certification.

Choosing the right mediator will play an important role in the mediation process and give you the best chance at meeting your divorce goals.The main benefit is that what is said in mediation can not be used in court by your divorce mediator in Orlando. Your negotiations with your divorce mediator in Orlando will stay between you. Don't waste time or money on a lengthy litigated divorce. Using a professional divorce service is another option and could be the key to helping you start a new life in a better way.

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