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Divorce Mediation Orlando

Divorce Mediation Orlando

Divorce mediation in Orlando offers a cost effective alternative to divorce. Divorce mediation is also known as ADR, or alternative dispute resolution. An alternative dispute resolution is the use of methods such as mediation and arbitration to resolve a dispute instead of litigation.

The most common reason people use ADR is for divorce. Making the decision to end a marriage is not an easy one. It is painful to end a marriage. Mediation services Orlando helps to minimize that pain by keeping the divorce simple and cost-effective.

Divorce Mediation Orlando
Benefits of Use

  • Divorce mediation in Orlando has many benefits of use. Divorces are stressful and can affect each party in a different manner, which is why involving a neutral third-party, called a mediator, is frequently used when negotiating a divorce settlement. Mediators, unlike arbitrators, judges, and juries, do not make decisions for you – mediators serve as a catalyst that helps you and your spouse come to a mutual agreement on what is best for your situation.
  • Mediators listen to both parties and attempt to help settle the dispute without passing judgment. Making a decision to hire a private family mediator puts control into your hands. Most family courts require mediation prior to divorce because it allows both parties to make their own decisions, rather than a judge.
  • There are many rationales and incentives to choosing mediation over litigation. Litigated divorces are often time-consuming, costly, and highly antagonistic. Divorces settled in mediation can essentially enhance communication skills between both parties, helping to prevent future oppositions, all while costing a fraction of the price it takes to settle in court.

Mediation Services Orlando
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Divorce mediation in Orlando is an alternative dispute resolution for better peace of mind. Divorce is stressful no matter which way you look at it. With mediation there is room for a more cooperative course of action. When using a legal process for divorce, there is a high change the divorce can get extremely costly and confrontational. Mediators help facilitate conversation and negotiations between the divorcing parties, while protecting everyone's best interest.

At the end of the mediation process, once both parties have attained a negotiated settlement, the mediator will then contract a settlement agreement for both parties to sign. Once agreed upon and signed, the mediator will propose the agreement to the court and it can be submitted as part of the final divorce decree.

If you or a couple you know are trying to end their relationship consider suggesting family mediation services Orlando, Alternate Dispute Resolution. Heather Oller, licensed professional counselor, provides family mediation services, which includes drafting your divorce papers, Marital Settlement Agreement, and Parenting Plan.

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Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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