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Best Divorce Help In Orlando Getting A Good Parenting Plan


Finding the best divorce help in Orlando can be hard. Getting a good parenting plan is so important for your family. Finding common ground about how to raise children after divorce can be hard. You may be wondering how to get along with a co-parent after your divorce or if it is even possible. These thoughts are quite common. When you spend time either through divorce mediation or a family law case working hard on a parenting plan, you should understand why developing a good parenting plan is so important.

When two people decide its time to find out how to get a divorce in Orlando, the first thing they usually worry about is how divorce will impact children they have. Divorce mediation in Orlando is an option that many couples choose for the main reason that the emotional trauma is far less for each individual, and the children, than a litigated divorce case. The process begins with initial conversations, being open to trying things and changing them if they don't work, and always agreeing to put the children before yourself. There are a few simple steps to consider when you begin determining how to develop a parenting plan when divorcing with children.

Divorce Help In Orlando

Parenting & Custody Issues

  • 1. Time-Sharing

    Even though people often interchange the term custody and time-sharing, the fact is, the term "custody" is no longer used. This is because from the beginning of a divorce with children, it is assumed that no parent is automatically given custody of the child(ren). Both parents are presumed to have equal opportunities to spend time with their children despite divorce. That is why the term time-sharing came into play, and divorce mediators in Orlando will listen to each party as to what they feel is in the best interest of their child(ren). Another misconception is that divorcing couples must develop a parenting plan based on 50/50 time-sharing. That is not always the case, and that is why divorce mediation is a very good alternative to using attorneys. Couples can draft the best parenting plan that works in the favor of their children if they agree and work together to ensure the children are the main priority.

  • 2. Calculating Child Support during Divorce Mediation in Orlando

    This is another tricky area that people who are married and seeking divorce help have a lot of questions about. They have often heard many figures from friends, family, and maybe even divorce attorneys that they have met with. The reality is that finances do play a major role in divorce and need to be addressed. Many people who seek divorce mediation in Orlando are surprised to hear that they can are not obligated to stick to a set figure popped out of a child support calculator. They can agree to work together and come up with terms that work for them. As a matter of fact, very often, a divorced couple that has been living apart for a while has already been working within their own financial agreement. The process of mediation for divorce will just establish this agreement in writing.

  • 3. Sports & Extra Curricular's

    Having a good parenting plan in place is important because it establishes, and formalizes an already established, routine. It also establishes expectations for how you will raise your children from separate households. It eliminates disputes and confusion over what is expected from each of you. If a child is in sports already, the details and responsibilities can be documented in the parenting plan. If the child(ren) might have future desires for events, that can also be precipitated and discussed. Sports and extra-curriculars can be expensive. Married couples seeking divorce mediation in Orlando get to work together with a neutral party to come to a fair resolution regarding the division of these responsibilities so that the child(ren) do not have to sacrifice.

  • 4. Exchange Locations

    Through divorce mediation, the location of where the child(ren) will be exchanged is discussed. The divorce mediator will document in the parenting plan what you have agreed on or what has been happening already. The benefit of this process of working on developing a good parenting plan is that you can have everything in writing. Even if you decide to change things between the two of you for any reasons, that is ok. If it doesn't work for some reason or another and you end up not agreeing anymore, just defer to your parenting plan. Getting back to basics is what we like to call it and it always helps if you have a formal "basic" to return to.

  • 5. Neutral Feedback from a Divorce Mediator

    I think most divorce mediators in Orlando, who decide to get trained to help couples get divorced, feel passionate about the process. It is the best option for any type of divorce case, big or small, divorcing with kids or without, and will cost the least amount of money to try. I believe that its important to determine if your mediator is going to be a good fit for your case by talking to them on the phone first. It is a lot different than divorce counseling. You are not going to be talking about the past or how to fix things. You will be staying focused on the future, and even if you use a divorce mediator with a mental health background, you will not be given any advice on how to do things. You will be working with a neutral professional that will be there to help you get divorced quickly.

Mediation For Divorce In Orlando

You have a great many options for divorce help in Orlando if you just search those phrases. However, the options are not all equal and finding someone that works for the integrity of the family structure, matters. Divorce mediation allows couples to finalize their divorce faster, with more emotional and financial integrity than if they work against one another. Making the decision to do divorce better is yours and can begin with attending divorce mediation.

Call today 407-592-8997 and ask as many questions as you can think of. A professional divorce mediator in Orlando will be ready to answer them and schedule your mediation once you are both ready.

Find A Divorce Mediator Orlando


The best way to find a divorce mediator in Orlando is to research. You don't have to feel obligated to use anyone that you talk to right away. Ask about their fees, what paperwork is included, and if they can help you review any of the other essential papers the court requires for divorce. Often married couples looking for dissolution of marriage have paperwork they don't understand. There are some mediators, myself included, who will help you with that, but others will not.

Any married couple seeking a divorce can expect to be asked questions, or complete preliminary worksheets, prior to their mediation. This helps your mediator get a full picture and begin to work on your documents. That is the best way and allows for your mediation to run smooth. It maximizes your time together and gives you the ability to work through any "hot topics" quickly while the other things have already been handled.

While a divorce mediator with a mental health background doesn't do therapy while you are discussing your mediation, they still present you with a background that is safe and reassuring. Many people choose mediation for divorce options in Orlando because they do not want to work with attorneys. They have often heard horror stories, or just do not want to spend the money, and wish to use an alternative to dispute resolution.

As your divorce mediator, you can be assured that I am very committed to helping families divorce better. This is the most traumatic thing that many people have ever dealt with, outside of death. I have spent a long time researching divorce, co-parenting issues, and working with couples through therapy on better ways to end their marriages. Maintaining emotional and financial integrity throughout the divorce is a very important piece to healing and being able to move forward as an independent person.

I want nothing more than to help married couples going through a divorce to get the best divorce help in Orlando. I want to be able to ensure that people remember that the past is the past, that children do not need to be emotionally traumatized, and that the choices a couple going through divorce makes will shape the future of their lives forever.

Find A Divorce Mediator Orlando

The biggest advantage to family and divorce mediation is that you call the shots. There aren't any attorneys that are working against one another. The divorce process gets to be something that you can negotiate and resolve through divorce mediation. You will find that when you find a divorce mediator Orlando and commit to doing your divorce better, the outcome is a win-win. Call 407-592-8997 now to schedule your mediation for divorce. Your family will be better off because of the choices you make today and ending a marriage without lawyers.

Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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