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How does same-sex divorce mediation in Orlando work?


Any same-sex couple going through a divorce wants to ensure they are treated fairly. With any marriage ending in divorce, both spouses will begin a new life without each other. The sooner that a same-sex couple getting a divorce in Orlando begins the process of mediation, the better their chances of moving easier into a new life will be. The decision to mediate divorce is an easy one for many divorcing spouses who want to remain amicable, as well as save time and money.

The reasons for divorce vary among couples, but the terms of divorce usually end up getting written in similar ways. A dissolution of marriage requires specific court documents and paperwork which specify how people will divide their debts and assets equitably. This process can be overwhelming which is why seeking professional help is very beneficial.

Same-Sex Divorce Mediation In Orlando


There is a great abundance of resources for a couple looking to end their marriage. Professional help for ending a marriage can come in the form of family law attorneys, divorce counselors, para-legals, or by using same-sex divorce mediation in Orlando.

Family Law Attorneys

Attorneys often represent each party and are trained in family law. Many people find reassurance in consulting with an attorney before they make any major decisions with regards to their divorce.

Divorce Counselors

Even if a couple has attempted to use a couple’s therapist to try and save their relationship, they can use the same therapist to discuss their divorce. Most professional counselors are well-equipped to teach coping strategies, healthy boundaries, and discuss action plans for moving forward in an amicable way to avoid trauma.


There are many divorce services in Orlando that offer help with completing your paperwork and filing. These services are only for people who are getting divorced and want help for simplified, non-contested divorce in Florida.


The research shows that the best outcomes are when families can avoid as much financial and emotional damage as possible. Mediators are passionate are professional, highly trained individuals that understand the importance of ending a marriage peacefully.

Same-Sex Divorce Mediation In Orlando


The process of mediation can begin the very minute that you have decided to end your marriage. You do not need to wait for the court to assign you a date if you hire your own private mediator. Some topics to consider prior to your appointment:

  • 1. Mediation is a voluntary process
  • 2. No divorce lawyers necessary
  • 3. Discussions are confidential
  • 4. Court is not involved

You get the option of bringing your initial needs and expectations to the table. Both parties have a chance to discuss with one another the terms they wish to separate their lives. This is done in a neutral environment with a third-party mediator that can hear both sides and offer feedback as needed.

The mediator will draft and write up all the terms that you agree to in what is called your Marital Settlement Agreement and a Parenting Plan, if you have children.

Same-Sex Divorce Mediation In Orlando


When Florida passed the law allowing couples of the same-sex to marry, they also earned the same rights of divorce. These rights do not discriminate and your marital settlement agreement should be handled without judgement, discrimination, or condemnation. Carefully selecting the professional who can help with a same-sex divorce in Orlando will have an impact on your divorce experience.

When you have done research on mediators in Orlando, you will see that there are several options. You have the option of hiring family law attorney who handles mediation cases or you can hire a mental health professional that provides divorce mediations. Neither option is better than the other. The background of your mediator is important to consider because of the different styles or approaches that each person might take. Their qualifications to provide your mediation will be the same and they will both be well-versed in Florida family divorce laws.

A divorce mediation is successful when two parties are willing to remain amicable, reasonable, and keep focused on the future, rather than the past. Many times divorcing same-sex couples, or any other married couples trying to get a divorce, get stuck in litigation because they are fighting for rights. The whole purpose of exploring alternative dispute resolution is to avoid a financially draining, and emotionally exhaustive, court battle.

Same-Sex Divorce Mediation In Orlando


There are many times that a couple has spent many months or years “working” on fixing their marriage before deciding to end it. They have usually attempted many courses of action, including therapy, that has proven to be unsuccessful. If they have children, they often realize that the nature of their relationship is becoming toxic for raising their children. This is why they choose to remain amicable and work together to end the relationship as peacefully as possible.

The worst scenario is when a same-sex couple is fighting a lot and living as roommates instead of married people. This habit can take hold of any couple and two people can become very good at remaining complacent, while denying themselves a happier life apart. They also wrongly believe that they are not having an impact on their children by living this life. Many people stay in this state of limbo for the sake of their children, or out of fear of the unknown after breaking up.

Being in the limbo state creates a very tense home life, anxiety, and depression. Many times one or the other will have an affair or cause even more trauma to the relationship. Being stuck in a relationship because of fear, guilt, shame, or a never-ending pattern of trying to “work things out” can be emotionally exhausting.

Same-Sex Divorce Mediation In Orlando


At Do Divorce Better Mediation Services, the option to end your marriage peacefully is there. When you use a professional divorce mediator, you remain in charge of your own divorce. Research continues to show that alternate dispute resolution services have better outcomes than litigation. Any same-sex couple that is considering their options, should explore their options, know their rights, and find conflict-free alternatives. Call to speak to a mediator today at (407) 704-6061.

Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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