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Parenting Plans & Mediation Establishing The Right Parenting Plan

Parenting Plans & Mediation

Parenting plans are what is required in Florida to be filed when you are separated or divorced and have children. Divorce or separation is not an easy issue to navigate alone. Getting divorced with children brings up many topics you will need to consider. Divorce counseling is an option with a family mediator who can guide you through your divorce. Having a neutral third person facilitate your divorce will eliminate court interference or a need for attorneys, saving you time and money.

The increasing rate of divorce makes it necessary for people to be able to access the right professional help. Parenting plans, time-sharing, alimony, child support, equitable distribution, and other matters that come from a divorce require legal information. Divorce attorneys are trained to help each side “win” a divorce case. What we know about divorce, however, is that there are no “winners” or “losers.” Everyone in the family is impacted in some way and when you use someone with a non-legal background, you greatly enhance your ability to minimize emotional damage.

Divorce mediation starts the legal process of a divorce and is effective in any stages of your divorce. In any stage of divorce whether it be pre-divorce, where you are having initial discussions about separation or divorce, or somewhere in the middle, final, or post-divorce stages, you will receive more benefits from divorce counseling than litigation. Divorce mediation is confidential. The main goal is to help anyone getting divorced with children in Orlando to avoid high-conflict and develop a parenting plan that is most beneficial to your family.

Divorce mediation considers provides a safe forum without judgement to empower you to make divorce less emotionally and financially draining.

What Is A Parenting Plan?

Parenting Plans & Mediation

A parenting plan is something that you will develop in divorce mediation in Orlando which will spell out how you want to raise your kids. The divorce counselor will help you discuss co-parenting, developmental needs of the children, time-sharing schedules, and the support needed for the children. A divorce mediator who has a mental health background is empathetic to the emotional trauma divorce has and is trained to resolve conflict quickly. A well thought out parenting plan provides a back drop to your co-parenting relationships and gives your children a sense of stability.

A divorce mediator with mental health knowledge has a unique approach that differs from an attorney. Divorce mediators are not trained to “fight.” They are trained to help people find resolution and prevent excess baggage. This includes financial burdens that often come from litigious divorces. Additionally, family mediation is confidential and anything that is discussed between parents on parenting plans, time-sharing in Florida, distribution of debts or assets, is not filed with the court. The only thing that you will file will be an executed agreement.

The way a couple goes about splitting from one life into two does not look the same for everyone. Each situation is unique. What works in one divorce or separation might not work in another. This is why it is a good idea to talk to someone together and quickly identify the concerns, fears, issues, and areas of your divorce that you want to focus on. Your initial consultation with a divorce counselor or mediator will get you started and you should know what to expect for your first meeting.

Divorce Stages & Mediation

Parenting Plans & Mediation

Having a conversation with each other and yourself about what kind of divorce you want to have is a good place to start. This conversation will be influenced by current thoughts and feelings, but staying focused on the future goals is important. Divorce help is beneficial during any stage of your divorce. The stages of divorce are experienced differently by each person, but usually follow the same timeline. Seeking the help of a divorce mediator or divorce counselor can help you identify which stage you are in and what the important things to consider are. Discussing divorce mediation benefits will give you insight into how it will help your divorce go more smoothly.

The stages of divorce consist of pre-divorce, divorce, and post-divorce. Each stage benefits from divorce mediation because a divorce mediator helps you determine what your needs are during each stage. Pre-divorce counseling can empower you, dispel fears, work out living logistics, or explore co-parenting. Divorce counseling and mediation will develop your marital settlement agreement, parenting plan, and divide assets, debts, and establish financial security topics. Post-divorce counseling can help with on-going time-sharing issues, co-parenting concerns, communication barriers, and conflict resolution. It can also be helpful for each person to find an individual therapist who can help them begin to develop boundaries, explore emotional pain, and to work on coping strategies.

Divorce usually comes at the tail end of a relationship that has gone through a lot. Adding more emotional or financial strain should be the last of your goals. Divorce mediation gives you a chance to develop a good parenting plan and a mutual agreement for divorce. You don’t have to feel like you are alone or that you can’t continue to work together to reach the best individual outcome. Divorce, like a marriage, has lasting consequences and staying focused on the future is the goal in mediation. Finding out that your partner doesn’t want to remain married or making the decision yourself is painful. It makes sense to use an expert in divorce that has some awareness of the emotional trauma that divorce has.

What To Look For In A Divorce Mediator in Orlando

Parenting Plans & Mediation

Divorce mediators come in two varieties. Legal mediators and mental health mediators. Neither type of mediator is able to give legal advice or support one side over another. They are also required to take the same training. The main difference between both types of divorce mediators in Orlando is the background and experience each type of mediator has. Many people are intimidated by the legal system or mistrustful of attorneys and for this reason they prefer using a person that has a mental health background instead.

Most divorce mediators with mental health backgrounds have knowledge of the consequences of divorce. They have extensive experience finding resolution quickly in emotional settings and they understand the importance of diffusing conflict. Check for qualifications that are relevant to your state and that you feel comfortable with the mediator you choose.

The most important aspect to focus on when choosing a divorce mediator in Orlando is that you are doing it to have a better divorce. Defying the statistics might not have worked in your favor for marriage, but you can beat the odds by divorcing with dignity. Searching for the best divorce mediators in Orlando that will help you in this life transition takes time. Don’t be intimidated to call and ask questions. And don’t let more time pass if you already know this is the decision that is best for you.

Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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