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Divorce Mediation

There are many reasons why divorce is painful. The emotional impact and financial implications that happen as a result of divorce can be devastating. This is one main reason seeking professional divorce help from an Orlando divorce mediator is a divorce option to consider first. Divorce mediator Orlando benefits include giving you neutral feedback and help reaching an agreement quickly. This allows you to spend less time on your dissolution of marriage case while still addressing all family law matters. A mediator is trained in family court laws and Florida divorce rules. They also have specific training in conflict resolution which helps when there are subjects that you may not agree on but want to resolve quickly.

Dissolution Of Marriage In Florida

In dissolution of marriage cases in Florida, children are a number one priority. The family court will always seek to ensure that the child’s best interest is being met. In mediation cases for divorce, parents have an opportunity to work out their own parenting plan. This is always more favorable than allowing a judge to make decisions for your family based on limited information. The mediation process facilitates this exchange between parents and provides information on how to establish the best parenting plan for you.

Divorce Mediation Topics

The areas that mediation covers are: divorce, child custody, child support, division of debts and assets, and other specific family law matters. These areas arise from a marriage break up leading to divorce, time-sharing or child support issues, or wanting to finalize a divorce without attorneys. A mediator who handles divorce cases will be a neutral person, trained to advocate for the needs of your family. The emphasis during divorce mediation is not on fighting right or wrong, but on reaching a resolution that everyone can be agreeable to. The motivation to do this is not driven by money or pride, but on keeping the family amicable and helping minimize emotional trauma.

In almost all Florida divorce cases, mediation is mandatory, even with attorneys. The court prefers that you settle your divorce with as little interference as possible from a judge. When you settle a divorce through mediation, the impact on you and your children is less stressful. It also allows you to save money and walk away from your divorce with more financial independence.

Can My Divorce Mediator In Orlando Settle My Case In Mediation

When you are considering filing a petition for dissolution of marriage with the clerk of courts, you will be required to file additional paperwork as well. This paperwork will include information about your finances. Most couples that are getting a divorce in Orlando have already had some discussion about what they want from the divorce or feel they are entitled to. Mediation is a place that those topics get put to rest and can reach a final resolution. In alternate dispute resolution, the main goal is to have open dialogue in an effort to reach a mutual settlement. No case is too big or too small to be resolved in mediation. Every divorce requires the same disclosure and will follow the same guidelines, but the outcomes can look very different depending on the approach you decide to take. Many people do not trust lawyers and do not feel comfortable hiring a divorce attorney to handle their family matters.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work

The mediation process is designed to put everyone in an equal position to foster the best outcome. Family mediators who are attorneys by trade would not be acting in a legal role, and family divorce mediators in Orlando, who are mental health experts by trade, would not be acting as therapists. Both are trained to remain neutral and facilitate your divorce mediation and both have undergone the same certification process to be qualified to resolve divorce cases quickly.

A family law case that uses a divorce mediator has an advantage in that they can begin the divorce process on their own time line and terms. Divorce mediators that are hired independently can begin working with you on your case right away, outside of court. This allows for more affordable divorce fees and a faster divorce process.

Mediation Goals

Reaching a final judgement of dissolution of marriage is the goal of any divorce mediator. The approach that your mediator should take is an invested interest in helping you reach resolution on any matters, if not all. Divorce mediation is a research-based model that is supported by the courts. It gives families the opportunity to settle their own divorce terms with professional guidance. A divorce mediator in Orlando is trained in communication strategies, conflict resolution, and how to negotiate a contested divorce. The strategies that divorce mediators use are proven to be effective and foster productivity rather than encourage stalemates.

What About The Cost Of A Mediator For Divorce Orlando?

Unfortunately, a divorce will probably leave some damage, either emotionally or financially. There are not a lot of ways around this because so many things will be changing. When two lives are splitting into individual lives, it takes time to recover. A mediator for divorce works within hourly rates and charges for the time that you use. If a resolution cannot be reached, then you should not expect to be charged for any more time. And if a resolution is reached, the mediator for divorce will draft those terms into writing for you and provide you with what you need to file at the court. In either scenario, your expenses end once your mediation has ended. You can also choose to take anything that you have agreed to and review it with an attorney. The main benefit is expediency to beginning the divorce process, saving money compared to hiring individual attorneys, and having a neutral professional resource help you with your divorce.

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Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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