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3 Reasons Divorce Mediation Is Your Best Option


Seeking divorce help in Orlando results in endless questions, like “How do can I get divorced fast?,” or “What is the cheapest ways to get divorced?” These questions and many others might lead a couple to find information on divorce mediation and how it works. There are many opinions on the right and wrong ways to deal with the break-up of a marriage. There are many reasons that people don’t want things to get ugly while ending a marriage. It is more common now to find that people want to avoid legal matters and are not comfortable letting the court make family decisions for them. Divorce mediation offers more benefits and divorce help than you might be aware of.

In the process of separating after marriage, one might find that they are confused about the family laws. Many people who are considering divorce in Orlando first contact a family law attorney to discuss divorce options. This is a normal course of action and many divorcing couples think that this is their only option. The truth is that in Florida, and most other states, there are ways that you can settle a divorce outside of court without attorneys. The divorce mediation process is one of those ways that a couple getting a divorce in Orlando can handle the terms on their own, but with professional guidance. If you or someone you know is considering divorce and don’t know where to begin, begin with a few benefits that a divorce mediator will help with:

3 Reasons Divorce Mediation Is Your Best Option

  • 1. Financial

    There are some set fees associated with a divorce, such as court filing fees, notarization's, and printing fees for paperwork. These fees are unavoidable and set in stone. The fees that a divorcing couple can control are the ones that they spend on professional divorce help. If individuals seeking divorce attorneys in Orlando decide to pursue that option, each individual person can expect to spend $1500-$4800 retaining those services. Family law attorneys are trained to strategically position themselves to help your case and often do not foster dialogue, conflict resolution, or expedited outcomes. If a married couple seeking divorce agrees to hire a divorce mediator, they can expect to pay $200-$800 depending on their case details. A divorce mediator is a neutral facilitator that IS specifically trained in conflict resolutions, negotiation strategies, and healthy communication. This is a cost-effective divorce option in Orlando that makes more sense when a couple is divorcing with little or no extra money to spend on extra fees.

  • 2. Emotional

    Everyone know that divorce is painful and emotional. This is the main reason many a married couple going through a divorce avoids it altogether. The best plan when a couple deciding to get divorced starts talking about it, is to start focusing on the future. This plan is much easier when you use a divorce mediator in Orlando because the while goal of mediation is to focus on reaching a mutual agreement. That means that rehashing the past or harboring resentment, animosity, and anger do not serve a purpose in the divorce mediation process. This allows for both parties to move forward with independent lives faster and to heal quicker. That includes the lives of children dealing with divorce too. They deserve to have a parenting plan in pace as fast as possible so that they can begin to experience consistency despite the big change.

  • 3. Independence

    Finding out how to move on after a divorce faster starts with ending the marriage. This may seem like a technicality and many couples prolong the filing, or signing of the papers, for far longer than they need to. They think that the actual divorce date or legal stamp is inconsequential. In reality, it is a very significant change and independence does not officially begin for most people until they have legally ended their marriage. This allows people the opportunity to manage their own finances, take out personal loans, move where they wish to, and create boundaries that establish their life alone. The mediation process fosters this step with help for divorce that paints a picture of the future, rather than rehashes the past.


If you are seeking a divorce and would like the help one of our trained divorce mediators in Orlando, call (407) 704-6061 today and find out how the mediation process works. Divorce mediators in Orlando help Do Divorce Better by offering financial, emotional, and independent support you need to end a marriage on your own terms.

Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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