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How To Divorce Better After Ending A Marriage


Healthy relationships require solid foundations, trust, and commitment. Those relationships bring great joy, happiness, and security. Being in an unhealthy causing sadness, hurt, and pain is quite the opposite. These types of relationships create a great deal of mental health issues and confusions. Thinking of ending a marriage or thinking of divorce doesn’t bring anyone peace of mind, but it can be the inevitable consequence of an unhealthy relationship. The difficult road ahead after divorce becomes necessary can be hard to navigate alone.

As a divorce mediator in Orlando, it can be hard to see people ending their relationships. Emotions are usually very raw. The divorce mediation room is filled with years or decades of history. There has never been a case in which the clients anticipated a divorce on their wedding day. The greatest part of being a divorce mediator in Orlando is helping clients heal faster after divorce by being able to let go of each other sooner. This may seem to the contrary, but the reality is just that.

Examine Your Divorce Options Carefully

There are many options for how to get divorced. You may think that you need to complete the forms alone and file the divorce yourself without an attorney. You may think you need to hire a divorce attorney to get divorced. None of those are true and thinking this way might be what is keeping you from moving forward. In Florida divorce mediations can be done without attorneys. The process can be initiated before you file your divorce at court by hiring an independent divorce mediator.

People who have been suffering in marriage and considering divorce should know what their options are. Being able to hire a neutral mediator allows you to keep the divorce process in your hands and move things on your timeline.

In most divorce cases, the two parties have spent time discussing the end of a marriage. They may even be living apart or already using a time-sharing agreement, but just haven’t formalized their divorce yet.

In these instances, divorce mediation is a great way to finalize things and provide the divorcing couple with their required documents.

  • Divorce Quickly

    There is a great deal of evidence that suggests that divorce agreements are reached much more quickly without attorneys involved. Hiring attorneys puts each party in an adversarial role and oftentimes they stop speaking to one another. This inhibits communication and healthy conflict resolution. Divorce mediation provides you the resources you need in a neutral, safe environment.

  • Divorce Amicably

    It might seem like a strange concept to think about how to divorce amicably. The reason behind this is because divorce is emotional. When people are hurting, it is often difficult to make great decisions. The divorce mediation process is designed to discourage “right fighting” and focus on “forward thinking.” This style helps people stay reasonable and doesn’t allow emotions to overshadow the main goal.

  • Divorce Better

    By choosing a better divorce option, you give your family a chance to heal sooner. The process of divorce is emotional. The challenges that a divorcing couple faces are nothing that life ever prepared them for. Throughout the entire process, from deciding to end a marriage, to finding the best divorce option, feeling overwhelmed is normal. Staying focused on the future and using the best resources will help any couple reach an agreement they can be happy with.

Finding the best divorce option can be hard with so many to choose from. You should know that ending a marriage is hard for anyone. The best options for divorce exist in focusing on your end goals of independence, family stability, and remaining financially intact. Consider hiring a divorce mediator in Orlando by getting in touch with Do Divorce Better Mediation Services. Call (407) 704-6061 or visit our website to discuss your case with a mediator today.

Heather Oller

Heather Oller is a licensed mental health professional with a Masters degree in counseling and psychology. She is an expert therapist at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Counseling & Conflict Resolution and is a Florida certified family court mediator. She is also a qualified Parent Coordinator. She specializes in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution.

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